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Swithing over plants to new houses?

Jul 26, 2009
Ok so maybe it wasnt a good idea to buy a house and then not know if your stuff will transfer aswell as your plants, but will you also keep your dorm? If so will your plants stay there or not? I'm confused :?and i dont know alot of things. Please dont judge me just help me out thanks

edited: oh and if you unequiped you house what happens?

Community Leader
When you buy a house you have to switch things over manually, such as furniture, and plant pots. You wont be able to move your plant pots until they do not have plants in them or reached elder and you harvested them. You always keep your dorm room to get back to your dorm just unequip your house and hit home or go to Ravenwood and simply walk in .
I hope this helps some and sorry for the late response.

Aug 23, 2009
You are allowed 3 houses in addition to your dorm room. You keep all your stuff, but you switch between each by equipping the house you want. You never lose your dorm. All of your stuff will stay where you put it unless you sell or trash the house, and then all the items inside should go to your attic for future use. Keep in mind once plants have been placed they cannot be moved at all. You can obtain a fourth housing slot by purchasing the epic bundle pack from Gamestop and using the additional housing slot potion. Good luck.

Feb 16, 2010
Buying a house was fine, you did good and will enjoy it. You will still keep your dorm room, and you can go to either one by equipping it. If you are in your house and hit the home button, it will take you to your dorm room. You can pick up all the items in your dorm and move them to your house with no problem except for the plants. If your pots have plants in them, you will have to wait for them to get to elder, harvest them, and then you can move the pots and replant. Enjoy your new place and have fun decorating it!