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sunken city needs to be easyer

May 25, 2009
everyone has to be a high level before they can finish the sunken city because the sidewalks don't work and death students like me find it very hard to get through there and my dad was a fire level 29 before he got through it

Jun 16, 2009
I understand, because it was hard for me to, staying on the sidewalk doesn't work there, and it takes AN HOUR so not a lot of people are going to complete it the first try. I FINALLY got it over with yesterday with the help of my friends, one thing though, I noticed while battling Grubb, his scarecrows attack the player in the 2nd ring (the ring with eye symbol) the most than the one in the first ring (Sun symbol) And the 2nd ring was me, good thing my friend's had life spells, and thank you everyone that helped me heal, you are lifesavers.

Jun 23, 2009
lol if you think sunken city is hard your probably going to murder your computer once you get to marleybone. it has no sidewalks at all, and there are enemies that even run faster than you.

sunken city is meant to be a challenge, nerfing it would make level 2s have sunken city survivor over their head. i say it should stay like it is now.

Jun 16, 2009
Otys I've already been to Marleybone, I understand it's hard but I've gotten away from those monsters.

May 09, 2009
The thing is you don't NEED to do Sunken City. Yeah I would be nice to have a cool badge but it isn't really needed.

I have a level 37 Life Wizard who hasn't even tried to complete it.

May 29, 2009
Two words: Kensington Park. You'll wish you were back in sunken city.

May 28, 2009
Go back and do it once you are a Grand. That's what I did. You will wonder why you ever had a problem with it. My wife is a GrandMaster Life Wizard and is working on her Undead badges. She often goes to Sunken City alone just to kill every single creature in the entire instance. Alone! Wow! Seriously though, you will eventually get to the point where it won't be a problem for you at all.

Jun 06, 2009
It's not that hard (especially if you've completed an area in MarleyBone, you'll figure out how to advoid getting sucked into battles.). But then again I was level 28 life going with another fellow life wizard so we healed a lot, plus I had storm spells, so I have boosts on all besides the scarecrows. With practice, you can manage to get through without being pulled. I only got pulled once . And after you pass a few gates, the sidewalks start working again. I'm not sure if they're supposed to, but it's something to take advantage of. But Grubb was really hard. It was almost like we were taking turns healing and attacking! Just come back at a higher level. The baddies might have alot of HP, but they don't have very powerful spells. Take a friend or 2 (or 3 :) )and finish it together. You don't HAVE to do Sunken City it's just for fun.

Kenneth Goldenflower
Level 30 Life/Storm

Jun 25, 2009
the bad part is at the very start you cant go without fighting it makes you and up ahead to. and i belive there are to many bosses and monsters when i did it i tried a bunch of times and finally got it you need to be able to heal your self to live through it and get the bottles filled before and use them when in need not because your mana is like 10 or 20 left save it. hope it helped

Apr 15, 2009
Lol if you work hard on it and have friends with you it is not that hard. It only took me like 15 mins if that, it is a good idea to have friends with you that can help you. It is never bad to have a healer with you, try these ideas and I can almost promise it will be easier. Also that comment about MarelyBone I am beginning to hate that place lol I just go there not that long ago and I cant seem to stay out of fights.

Take care,
lvl 25

Apr 27, 2009
I found a very easy to do sunken city.If you have friends,if you die you can just use friend teleport to go back because it resets in 30 minutes. Hope this helps. Blaze Fireshard LV20