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stuck in golem tower

Jan 03, 2009
Hello Everyone: Perhaps someone can explain how i can get out of Golem Tower after i beat the monsters and ambrose says hes going to go tidy up his place...and do my Enrollment....Ive spent all this time running around the room trying to figure out what to do ..i have run up on the Door but nothing....Is there something more i'm supposed to do..before i can go outside?....do i tidy up the tower room?..Everytime i run around or click on something it just moves me to somewhere else......

Feb 05, 2009
Had this happen the first time I went over to the test server (too new to have character copied so I started new), something glitched when it was trying to download world data.. Quit and Restart, and the download should continue properly from the loader. Then when you get back in you may have wait a few more download circle and voila you transported to the headmaster office.

Dec 21, 2008
Hey everyone. Right now i have a level 29 sorcerer and as him i easily did golem tower. However for my storm wizard its IMPOSSIBLE!
I thought about waiting until i get two potions but even that might not help. Please I'm really stuck on what used to be a really easy quest for me. If anyone couls give me tips i would appreciate it. :?

Dec 02, 2008
The usual strategy is to kill one of the mobs, then heal up and try to be close to full health when you kill the other. I don't recall exactly when I did golem tower on my storm wizard, but I know it was before I paid, and that was at level 9.