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Still not happy with Wizard city Book quest !!!!!!

Jul 05, 2008
Ok can someone explain to me again. Why we fight most of the bosses in Wizard city to have to fight them again to get the books. Now we can not go on in the quest till we beat some. This never made sense to me and still does not make sence to me. I know it was to give us more experience before we fight the big boss. But we still have to anyways.

I find this annoying and frustrating. So far we have fought the boss in Unicorn way and Cyclops and no book quest ?????? knocks head agiant wall and this makes sense how?????

Aug 19, 2008
Laughing...but not at you....at myself.

My first few wizards started this summer, when Wizard was still in test, and often there wasn't anyone on to help with boss battles. So I wandered through the various streets doing all the tasks except the bosses. Eventually I did find help and would go fight all those battles.

Much later when I started a new wizard I couldn't figure out how to get the book task. I wanted it BEFORE I did any boss battles so I wouldn't have to repeat.

A very nice wizard told me at Level 10 you get the task from the guy in the library. So I went on to do several streets and when I reached level 10 I went back and did all the boss battles. No sweat.

You don't have to do the boss battles in most of Wizard City to move to the next street....

Hope that helps a bit!

Dec 31, 2008
You can get the book quest when you reach level 10. When my kids and I were doing the free trial, we generally finished all the quests in free areas at about level 9. Then after getting more XP to level up to 10, we got another quest, hooray! :D

But not just any quest: it makes you want to go to the paid areas! In case you have already given up on the smiths at that point, it whets your appetite again. And surprise, the later Penny Dreadful quests do the same thing! KI has to have some ways to make people want more after the free trial rather than just letting them wander off to other games, right? :P

Jul 05, 2008
So maybe the developers should somehow point us to Triton first. It makes sense if you do Triton before Cyclops. But Cyclops is the frist street so the normal route would be that.

Maybe the quest could read may I suggest starting you battles at this place.

Sep 25, 2008
My suggestion, because this is what i did with my wizards is do the other quests first, until your level 10. Skip the bosses, only do the Unicorn Way one twice. So when you finish Unicorn Way the first time, then do the other quests that don't include bosses until your level 10. Then get the quest from Boris and do the Unicorn Way boss again, when it tells you after the interviewing trees and professors quest.

This way, you only have to do the other streets bosses once.