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Statues of Wizard City

Dec 08, 2010
Ok, i have a question to all. Currently i have the Unicorn Statue from Unicorn Way, the Triton Statue from Triton Avenue, and the Cyclops Statue from Cyclops lane. Trouble is i'm now desperately trying to get the Firecat Alley Statue, one that i would DEARLY love in my new Marlybone home, once i get in Marllybone to buy the house.

My question if this;

Can you get the Firecat Alley Statue, and how hard is it to get it?

i've been attacking the top boss for a while now and still no luck, please help thank you.

Happy Hunting

May 20, 2010
It's tough. Since drops can have a rate of 4%, and possibly less, that means that you'll get it about once in 25 tries. But each drop is random and independent of the others. You could get one in the next try or not for the next 100 tries.