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Solo Waterworks mob change

Jun 15, 2009
in all caves, towers, ecs. i have seen the same thing

1-2 wizards = one boss, one minion
3-4 wizards = one boss, three minions

why was the decision made to not script in the same mechanics to accomidate the players, this desision was also recently made for collecting "the heart of winter" in ravenscar

can you add the same mechanics to this dungeon WITHOUT changing the bosses t accomidate solo players NOW tied of standing at a door where people reset or intentionally jump in and out and never take this place "for real"

not to be mean but it really have and is ever more so, getting old ...

should i have to go through these places solo because of this, i do in spite of this insanity and come out with what i want in there, but something tells me, this is an appauling wat to have to play, and you won't get a "crowns" henchmen out of me over it's scripted design sorry

Mar 18, 2009
Waterworks, Briskbreeze Tower, Warehouse, Sunken City, Tomb of the Beguiler, and Kensington Park are not like all the other dungeons. This "type" of scripting for all the optional dungeons have always been like this (Sunken City has been bringing more than two enemies in a solo run since 2008). KI intentionally designed these optional zones to be grouped. However, there are ways to solo them with the right strategy.

Jun 15, 2009
briskbreeze i can relate to, was the first in the world to defeat it solo, even made a vid of it to prove it, and i know like the guy at the door states, "whatever happens to you is you'r own fault" i know the little angler guy made it very clear it is "as is" lol, was just curious more or less, i know they where built to be a group effort, not to have someone go in solo ... lol

Jul 01, 2011
thats what part of what makes it hard lol its suppose to be like that

Mar 18, 2009
For your, other's "resetting" the dungeon problem. Yup, causing distress for others too. I've asked in the dorms for that the group function be changed to block out the sigils prior to entering dungeons. So if four people do Waterworks and one is stuck inside, while the other three are coming back in the fourth sigil would be "locked" and no one else could jump in and break up the group.

Same thing with going solo. You would ask three other people to group with you, but only you would stand on the sigil blocking anyone else from entering with you (since your groupmates are pet hatching, questing or something else).

This idea already (sorta) works within the dueling circle itself. Just asking it to be extended to the sigils too.

Aug 03, 2009
I have noticed this. It seems that a while back, Sunken City was changed to the normal amount of foes in a battle (1 per wizard, +1) and their aggressiveness was drastically decreased, to the point where the sidewalks are actually safe. Grubb also now has the same amount of minions as a typical boss (1 per wizard), as opposed to the 3 minions that even solo players would fight. I think Tomb of the Beguiler has done the same.