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So what about your drop stats in Aquila?

Apr 07, 2011
I am just curious what rewards did you earn in Aquila, and how many times did you have to defeat a boss to get a specific item?

My stats:

Gladiator: 22 tries for Alpha and Omega Ring

Cronus: 47 tries for Blade of the Felled Titan (with a bonus of Exalted Balance Amulet)

Hades: 5 tries so far : Helm of the Heavens, Hades's helm of Justice, Hades boots (i know i am lucky)
On a mission to get amulet of divine influence.

All those fights got me 7 ambers 17 amber dust and 19 Merle hair. :)

What about you guys?

Aug 18, 2011
I got the Athame from Cronus after about 10 fights. Got an Enchanted Armament right away, but still no ring from Gladiator over 20 fights. The reagent drops from both are ok (thank you for that KI).

Storm got a crit wand I might rarely use for farming, but that has been all from many runs in Tartarus.

No one I know has even seen an amulet, let alone received one. Overall I am profoundly disappointed with both the drop rate and the quality of gear. There are multiple sets of cirt gear, but only one set with decent resist, which is the one most players seek. I was really excited when this area opened, but now it hardly seems worth the bother and certainly not worth the exorbitant crown price for non-sub players. I hope more "good stuff" will be added, and the drop rates adjusted.

I expect we'll get a standard response about "drops are random" and "we can not guarantee..." etc, but running an hour long dungeon a dozen times with nothing but pet food to show is pretty discouraging. I really don't understand why they made so many slight variations of almost useless gear, yet are providing little to none of what most of us want.

Atlantea seems to have no good gear at all, though I still hope to get a Ram pet from the Squid.

Oct 01, 2011
So far this is how my drops have been going:
Gladiator: 48 tries for Alpha and Omega Ring

Cronus: 3 tries for Blade of the Felled Titan (With a Myth mastery amulet)

Hades: 18-23 tries so far : Hades helm of retribution, armor of a sorrowful life, walkers of a sorrowful life, amulet of divine mystery, Hades staff of awakening, and Hades helm of the abyss.

On a side note I would like to point out that I got the "Deck of Immortal Might" from only one farm through the sand quid.

The fights also got me 34 amber, 26 vines, 20 braided vines, 19 agave nectar and 30 amber dust.

- Nathan AshBlood
Promethean wizard