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Side Quests

Jun 03, 2009
Hi, I was just wondering how to find all my side quests? I'm a level 30 storm in Marleybone but I've gone back to finish all of these quests I still have. And on occasion I see a person with a new quest and the explanation point on their head. But there not on my quest list. So how can I actually finish every quest in WC and Kroktopia? Also probably spelled that wrong

Feb 14, 2010
There are guides available at Wizard101 central and in the Wiki that will detail all the quests available for you. Then you can go around and see if those poeple have quests for you.
Either that or just roam through the areas looking for a NPC that has a quest. Most areas have at least 2 NPC characters that give out quests.
You can also look on the map for each area and it usually shows all people of interest on the map.

May 20, 2010
As you progress through the various worlds, an exclamation point will appear over the heads of an NPC (game-generated character) who didn't have one in the past . In many cases, you didn't miss anything; that NPC just didn't have anything for you to do until you'd finished other things.