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Selling your Cards at Wizard City bazaar

Aug 09, 2009
I dont understand but would like to hear the facts about selling your cards to the Wizard City Bazaar. I am looking to make mor emoney other than fighting the big bosses. I have bought LUCKILY a TRIDENT card from the bazaar and have even seen the SCARECROW but the scarecrow cost like $7500 so how do i get a card made from my school to sell to them and make money. I crafted a Life trap just to see and it would sell for just $1. Is there a trick or does the bazaar just randomly drop good spell cards that you can purchase???? Please help

Aug 23, 2009
The price you get at the bazaar selling a crafted treasure card depends on several things, level of card, whether or not you can get it from a library and general commonness of the card-how much are usually generated or sold at bazaar. Generally the higher attack or defense cards will produce more gold from sale, but will rarely be worth half of what it is sold for at bazaar.