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Secondary School?

Nov 17, 2010
Hello,I like to be prepared so I have all ready made my next wizard who is life(I enjoy healing people plus cool battle spells)what should her secondary school be,anything is appreciated thank you.
Fiona FairyBreath
Level 32
Fiona LifeGiver
Level 2
Fire Is The True Balance=Flamea

May 20, 2010
Since Life doesn't have much attacking power, you'll probably want to get some power-boosting spells, such as the Spirit Blade and Trap and perhaps Feint (and the Dream Shield that comes with it). Other than that, the Tower Shield (and the Volcanic Shield that comes with it) is handy.

May 17, 2009
I think that you should save your traning points for when new schools come out. :D :D :D

Taylor DragonTamer

level 57 myth

Dec 08, 2010
sadly i spend training points right away but i have three schools they are life, myth, and storm. i am at level 34

Jan 01, 2010
This is pretty easy: Ice to Tower, Death to Feint and Sun to Gargantuan.

And btw, if you are concerned about life not having power, my life is legendary and it is by far the most powerful of my wizards! Before you get to CL, using Feint really boosts Life's attack ability. And with 90% accuracy, you rarely have to worry about not hitting when you need to. Once you get to CL and start getting the Sun school enchants, it hits even harder. Then we you get Forest Lord, Life is pretty much unstoppable!

Good luck. Life is awesome!

Jun 23, 2009
Since life doesn't have good attack you should probally choose storm as a secondary school. Otherwise choose fire.

Mason Sandtamer lvl 20

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
After many life school characters I would suggest death secondary, ice as a third if you wish. Then once to CL boost with Sun and Star.

1) Early on, death doesn't fizzle when you need it as much as storm or fire.
2) Death seems to have damage spells when you get healing spells, making your damage progression better.
3) For PvE, you can really use feint as after Centaur, it is a long road to your level 58 spell.
4) Spirit Blade, a needed spell for Life, boosts Death as well.
5) Ice provides the tower, as well as shields vs storm and fire.
6) Both Life/Death and Life/Ice level 55 clothing, boots, and hats are great adds (though the first seems easier on reagents in my opinion).
7) The Sun spells boost all your life damage spells.
8) Star is good for that little extra (boost defenses, damage, etc) when you need just a bit more for a zero cost in pips.

Jun 10, 2009
Choose fire!!!! My brother has a life and fire wizard and he is very hard to take down. Otherwise choose Storm!!!! :D :-) :)

Mason Sandtamer lvl 21 balance wizard in the Tomb of Storms.
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