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Saving my Shields and my other cards

Dec 19, 2008
hello fellow wizards. i am disappointed. a night ago i was on here and i bought back my training points with my crowns. and i put them in my deck and the next day the are gone. i bought all the shields from sabrina greenstar and i got all the life cards from Professor Moolinda Wu and i had to get 3 more from her. and i bought all the balance cards from the Balance Professor in Ravenwood and they are gone to. i would like to have them back. if you could please figure a way out how to give them back to me. thanks a bunch.

From the Death, Life, and Balance School,

Seth Deathsinger

I'm not quite sure I understand your situation.

When you sell back your training points, you lose the cards that you earned with those training points.

You can return to the secret trainers to repurchase those cards now that you've earned your training points back.

Are you saying that you now have zero training points and zero cards?
If that is the case, please contact Mr Lincoln so he can investigate it more thoroughly. Just log in to the Website and click Help & Support - there is a section for contacting Mr Lincoln.