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Rewards for Halloween towers

Oct 19, 2008
Maybe it's just me, but shouldn't there be better rewards for finishing the hard tower in Ravenwood? The final boss was pretty hard, and all I got was a black cat treasure card and some equipment designed for wizards 30 levels below me. I tried going back to Jack Hallow to see if he would give me something for doing all 3 towers, but no such luck.

May 29, 2009
The towers are designed to be done repeatedly. Each one drops random stuff you just have to be willing to farm for the items. I got the wraith statue and a friend got a brute piggle pet. Those to me are good drops and worth doing over again. I have gotten some lame equipment too but these quests are not limited to levels other than 5+. Just have patience and fun with them and sell the items you don't need or want for gold.

Happy Halloween!

Alura Hexcaster Master Sorceress