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resetting and training for a second school

Jan 01, 2009
from advise from other players, i decided to buy back all my training points so i can pursue a secondary school. i have 10 training points available. my main school is fire, so i chose storm to be my secondary. when i went to the professor, i was able to train on the first spell, a level 1, with no problem. however, the next spell in line, a level 5, is greyed out and wont let me train it. im a level 30 and im told that i should be able to train on all spells up to my current level which should be 1, 5, 8, 10, 16, 22, and 26. it will only let me train on the first level 1 spell.
there are no other spells in my deck thats different from my main school except for one life heal spell.

so what do i do? how can i train on the rest of the spells?

When you spoke to Mr Lincoln in Golem Court to sell back your Training Points are you sure you completed the transaction?
You may not have had enough Crowns at the time.

How many Training Points do you currently have (press C on your keyboard when you're not in a duel to find out)

Do you still have all the old spells in your spellbook? If you successfully sold back your Training Points those spells would have disappeared from your spellbook completely.

If you do not have those spells and you completed the transaction with Mr Lincoln, please contact our customer support by going to the Help & Support tab on the left. At the bottom you can contact the real Mr Lincoln. :D