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Jan 06, 2012
If a hat is not in the bazaar anymore, can I just go to a different realm to get it? Please respond. - Hunter DuskShade, Level 18 Wizard.

I realize this is your first post to our message boards, young Wizard, but a good tip is to make your subject relevant to your message. A subject such as 'read message' is actually less likely to be read and responded to.

However your question was a very good one, and here's the answer which also can be found in the News at https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/updatenotes/july2009#Bazaar

The Bazaar is shared across all Realms and Areas. A hat sold in Wu realm will immediately appear in all Realms, and to specifically answer your question, NO if the item no longer appears in the Bazaar in one Realm it will not appear in any other Realm - the hat is gone.