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Apr 03, 2009
I recently started a storm wizard, and i'm having some trouble beating rattlebones. Apparently he has Ghoul? At the start of the battle, he either passes, or does a death trap. or spell. And whenever i'm about to charge up a thunder snake or Fire cat from my schools, Right after he hits me hard with ghoul, And he heals pretty much most of whatever i just casted on him, And the fairy all the while is pounding on me with life spells. Usually by the 3rd turn my heads spinning and i'm back at town. am i doing something wrong? I wanted to try out storm, and i really like it. but rattlebones is just not letting me pass.

Jan 31, 2009
Try leveling your wizard up a few levels then go see if you can beat him.
Really, all i can do is eighther hunt you down and help,or you will just have to keep trying.Good luck though! :)

Tara Thunderheart,lvl 36+ Ice Wizard

Feb 27, 2009
You have to solo, no one can help. This is difficult for lower lvls because of their life. I'd try getting the boss first. He has stronger attacks. Instead of waiting until you have the thunder snake, i have found it best to crack out one spell on him and the next round do another. All the time you wait gives rattlebones more of an advantage. Once he is dead, heal yourself and then get the fairy. Then you're done. I found that strategy good for one of my conjurers that kept dying. Its really funny that i thought he was hard at one point. Now i am 50 and living the dream 8).

Apr 03, 2009