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Question About Aquila

Jul 07, 2010
So I just went through for the first time and I'm level 30. After beating the final boss, I did get a great new wand but I'm wondering, if I keep repeating it, is it possible to get other level 30 gear or is the wand the only thing you're supposed to get at level 30?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Feb 03, 2013
You can try Mount Olympus multiple times and see what you might get, you can get a robe, hat, shoes, and wand that benefit your school, others are from the other schools. I have tried Mount Olympus two times on my fire character and so far i have gotten a wand and hat. I hope this helps

Apr 20, 2011
Yes Sharp shade, you will get other gear including laurel wreath (head) toga and boots, the aim of course is to keep farming till you get your complete school gear.
Good Luck
James Dreamweaver Lvl 90

Mar 26, 2013
Yes you can get your own level's gear and gear for when you hit a higher level i have my level 82 gear already, i'm only level 79. its pretty good knowing we can get our gear from in there though.
Taryn 79

Jan 17, 2013
You are able to continuously farm Mount Olympus for additional loot, and the wand is not the only thing you can get. There is unique level 30 gear that Mount Olympus drops. Hope I answered your question.

Blaze Goldleaf Level 90

Carlos Seasword Level 46

Jun 21, 2009
In response to your question:

Mount Olympus, like any other dungeon, has multiple drops. If you continue to play the dungeon you will most likely get different drops, however, there is always the chance for a repeat drop. I have done the dungeon multiple times and gotten different robes, however some are school specific so I could not use them. Keep trying and you will eventually end up with something great! I have to say that the gear seems pretty good for level 30! Good luck!

Jun 23, 2009
Yes it is like waterworks. if you keep doing it you will eventually get your gear. hope this helped!

Blake Smith 78