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Quest Helper bugged?

Jun 23, 2009
I am doing the quest Library Dues, and my quest guide says i need to find the History of storm magic in Triton City. My quest helper thing, keeps pointing me to Unicorn Way and the History of Life book. Ive also been to some of the other books, and i get no option to hit X to read, and when i click them, nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong?

I am level 14, and have only been playing about 1 week, so im really new, take it easy on me please..lol

Jun 06, 2009
The questhelper was bugged on thtis quest for me too. You'll have to do it without the QH. But I'm not sure how to help you with the other problem. Heres a list of the main bosses to fight so u can get the books. And u have to subscribe.

Life- Lady Blackhope (Unicorn Way)
Storm-The Harvest Lord (Triton Ave.)
Myth-General Akilles (Cyclops Lane)
Fire-Alicane Swiftarrow (Firecat Alley)
Ice-Gobbler Prince (Colossus Blvd.)
Death-Lord NightShade (Haunted Cave)

Hope this wasn't too complicated, but you don't have to even finish this quest to go to Krok.