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Quest for Lieuteant Culpepper

Mar 14, 2009
Hello! I am a lvl 50 and finished all my quest and then today I found a side quest marked with a ! in Old Twn accross from the Bazzar. So I went for it. I did a few parts of it and then I got stuck. It is asking me to find Lieuteant Culpepper in Colossus Boulevard. But is you read the messages it tells you to talk to Kirby so I tried that too and no luck. Does anyone know how to complete this quest? Also my MAp quest arrow will not work but i have looked high and low for this guy and Kirby says nothing . Any help would be appreciated TY

Mar 20, 2009
Have you spoken to Mindy Pixiecrown?
After you speak to Mindy then you speak to Kirby and he tells you Culpepper went into the tower then the sigal lights up.

Mar 02, 2009
yo dude thats the newest quest for wc your supposed to do a tower thats like major hard and everyone says the peoples in it cheat which they kind of do in a way like the final boss keep summoning minions to help him out so you might want to hurry up and kill him quick like then take out his minions

Apr 24, 2009
the add hit of for 8k meteor strike with no traps or blades......ouch
so yup they CHEAT

Jun 19, 2009
Is it just me, or in addition to the quest arrow not working, did they forget to add back ground music to this area?

Jun 19, 2009
Seriously, this one is ridiculous, and has absolutely no reward.

I just wasted 600 Crowns on Hired Helpers twice, not to mention the amount in gold needed to replace all three of my potions. That final boss comes up with a Meteor Strike worth the health of my henchmen and myself combined, and then some -- there is NO WAY to survive that round, even with help ... and no reward to make it worth the expense in Crowns and gold!!!

Plus, there is no back-ground music in that area AND the Quest Arrow for that entire Quest does not work!

This Quest is in SERIOUS NEED of reform, to something more reasonable!

(KI, please listen to this, instead of just grading this post. Thank you.)

Dec 31, 2008
LOL that's not the final boss to get past that boss you have to kill minion before he strikes. Will hit you for 30,000 and you will die! I have made it to the final boss and thats a hard one because he steals your blades and traps. the trick is no traps, only three blades he will only steal one. sorry life and fire will thake first of the three blade just try it can be done and is fun!