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problem with seamstress...

Jun 28, 2013
Hello, I think there is a problem with the seamstress. From what I gather, She is there to sew 2 items together and make it look like one item but have the stats of another correct? And when this is done, in no way should the clothing change colors during the process. when I unstitch the items, they should have the same colors they did when I first sewed them together. If this is all correct, then there is a bug. It takes me a long time to save up gold and have my gear the color I want them to look. When I go into PVP battles, I strategically change the look of what I am wearing, so the opponent doesn't know what school I am from. I change everything to a simple set with brown look. This usually confuses the opponent for a few rounds (totally legal). when I want to unstitch them again, all the colors are mixed up. Shouldn't I get the 2 original items back? If this is true, then I am out 4952 gold. this is what it took me to get the items back to the original colors. Please look into this for me. Also if possible, reimburse me for my losses. Thank You, Stormkraker