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Player stealing treasure cards...

Dec 14, 2010
My son plays this game, so I don't know too much about it. But tonight he was really upset, he said another player kept telling him to give him treasure cards and he would trade him a shark (or something that sounds like shark....costs a lot of crowns), and after he had given him 40+ treasure cards...still no trade. Is there anything I can do to get the cards back??? Can I contact customer support?? I feel bad, he is so upset about it.

Thank you in advance :)

We understand that he is upset, however this is a very valuable lesson.

We ask that players take into consideration whether or not this person is really going to give you an item worth $30 of real money just for a few free Treasure Cards - the answer is, no, they're not.

They're going to take your Treasure Cards and disappear. It's not a very nice thing to do, but all trades must be agreed upon by both parties. If the trade sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so don't accept the trade.

Feb 18, 2010
if someone asks for stuff like that, just put them on ignore and shout out to people passing by that they're treasure card stealers. that way no one else will get their cards stolen. before you ask, don't report them cause it's not a reportable offense, even though its a cowardly way to get cards :x

Jun 09, 2011
Yeah i really hate that this happened but i have a strict policy of not trading treasure cards with anybody. I have a friend who finds them to be a bother and i take them off of her hands every once in a while but that's it. This game has very limited trade access and i'm actually VERY happy for one that all they allow to trade is Treasure cards. I played runescape for 5 years only to be hacked into and have ALL of my valueable items stolen. This game is MUCH more fun because you're not constantly looking over your shoulder for hackers and scammers. as for 40 treasure cards or so, he only lost i'd say about 10k gold and that's pushing it on the estimate depending on his level. He's more than likely a good kid and meant well but there are bad kids out there with bad , or no parents to teach them right from wrong. I commend you in caring so much for your kid as to come on here and try to help him. I'm only 18 and i must say, i tip my hat to you.

May 13, 2010
logankris8, I am sorry that your son was taken advantage of and unfortunately this is one of those lessons you do have to learn for yourself. However, I would also like to say that some of us do care and if you post a date two to three days in advance of of the date with the time zone and realm and place/time to meet I would be happy to share some of my excelllent treasure cards(free of charge) to bring your boy some joy back. I have nearly 500 anyway and I will trade them to your son for nothing in return. Hope this helps bring a smile back to his face.

Valdus Darkheart/Legendary Necromancer

Mar 07, 2009
this happens to me many times and all i say is i don't have any good treasure cards and the always leave

Jul 27, 2011
I feel your pain there was this girl who wanted some cards so i gave her some and then she was like haha i stole you cards and she removed me and took off :(

Nov 04, 2010
cooladdy wrote:
this happens to me many times and all i say is i don't have any good treasure cards and the always leave
Same here, only i have great treasure cards

May 20, 2010
This is a sticking point with me. Scamming should be a reportable offense.

Nov 04, 2010
Ashamed to say, i used to do this. But i got reported 7 times that day...
I haven't done it since.

Mar 07, 2009
i remember when this happened to a lot of people on this other game i used to play a big war happen because of it and i hope it doesn't happen on this game

Jul 12, 2010
Wow I can't belive that. Anyway, I really hope your son feels better.

Nicole AshBlade
Master Pyromancer