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picking a second class? training help

Feb 03, 2009
so im level 15 and havent spent a single training point, mainly cause im not sure how it works. You get all your primary wizard spells for free, but if you wanna take the life spell line for example, do you have to buy the lvl 1 spell and then buy the next spell in the life line? or is there some way that you can purchase the high level spells without having to spend on the low level ones? pretty simple question, but i would hate to mess up.

In order to learn higher level spells of a school, you have to first learn the lower level spells. So make sure to spend your training points wisely, because once you spend them, you can’t get them back.

Dec 02, 2008
Don't think of it as taking a secondary class. That's a common mistake, and it can lead to taking a bunch of useless cards because they're all in the same class as the few you want. Think of it as taking selected useful cards from outside your own class.

There are three different ways that permanent spell cards (as opposed to treasure cards) are obtained. One is from the main class trainers, such as Moolinda Wu, Dalia Falmea, etc. These are nine per school, and you have to get the lower level cards before you can get the higher level ones. The higher level cards in Death and Balance come from Dworgyn and Alhazred, respectively, rather than the people in Ravenwood, and do still total nine per school.

The second major source of cards is from scattered other trainers, such as Sabrina Greenstar, Niles, or Croaky. The other trainers frequently offer spells from multiple schools at a single trainer, and you can pick and choose the ones you want without having to get them in order.

The third major source of cards is as quest rewards. These are fixed by your class, and do not cost training points. However, you can only get the quest reward cards available to your primary class. You've presumably seen such cards from the quests Enrollment and The Sixth School (except for ice), as well as your level 7 and 12 class quests.

I'd recommend not using any training points until you get to the point where you look around and say, you know, this other card I don't have would sure be really useful.

Training points are generally not for damage cards. Damage cards from other schools might seem like a good idea when you're low level, but they become progressively less so as you get higher level, because your power pip percentage increases. You also get only the blades associated with your primary class.

Rather, training points are mainly for 0 and 1 pip cards, as if unable to take advantage of a power pip counting double, such cards are just as effective as if they were of your primary class. The drawback is that you can have fewer copies of them in a lot of decks, I guess. I could see an argument for getting Satyr or Reshuffle in some cases if you're not a life or balance wizard, respectively, but for the most part, (non-treasure) multiple pip cards outside of your own class are useless.

Feb 10, 2009
well personally i have commited to thunder spells, because i was thinking it as a second class, and I haven't been disappointed. If you do want to take it as a second class, be sure you think it through. Don't just think "fire is cool, I'll take that!" I think that the two best choices are your opposite magic, ot balance.

Sep 20, 2008
Speaking as a Myth-lover, I find the Minion Spells we all eventually get are very good and useful. And I do mean ALL of us, not just those who are Myth Wizards! Life and Storm Wizards get theirs at lv 18, while Fire, Ice and Death have to wait until lv 28. Balance Wizards get 2 Minions, at lv 18 and again 38. And of course, Myth Wizards get 4 Minions in all: A Puppet at lv2, a Troll at lv7, a Cyclops at lv 18, and then (I think) a Minotaur at lv 38.

The best Minion Cards to get are the Defense and Damage-Buff Cards at the Croc-Trainner, and the Storm-Sacrifice and 3Pip Sacrifice Cards in Marleybone....

Hope that helps a bit ....

Oct 14, 2008
Sadly... I didn't know about a "second school" till i was probably in krokotopia, so i spent A LOT of training points, so i only have 2 and i am trying to get into mushu, but gladly i'm balance so i'm pretty strong... I will learn as much life as i can (life is my second school) hopefully i will get to the powerful spells. Only if i get more training points. :P

Feb 01, 2009
You'll usually get training points when gaining a level.

I'm Death which is a side school until you go into Nightside, but, I chose Fire because Rank Death's are always really weak against Fire moves. 8)

Sep 20, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
In order to learn higher level spells of a school, you have to first learn the lower level spells. So make sure to spend your training points wisely, because once you spend them, you can’t get them back.

Are you working on a a way to make it so if wasted trainning points were spent we can get the point back?