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Mar 28, 2009
Ok i am having a little trouble. Professor Greyrose i hope you can answer this question! I have been fighting Prince Gobblestonefor over 2 months now and i still have not gotten the serpent snake! And then the other day my friend came and helped me to kill him. After the battle was over he said that he had won the serpent snake and then showed it to me! I know many people have asked this and you told them it depends on your luck. So i was wondering to be fair, after we beat the bosses as a rewrd can we at least get one pet from them i know it is a lot to ask for but i have to fight so long to get one pet and many other people do too! So as a reward from now and on cant we just get the pet.(Along with the things we normally get) I also dont want to be mean but it is kind of unfair that other people fight them once and they get a pet! Thanks for your time Professor Greyrose.

(Please take this in consideration.)

Jan 18, 2009
same thing happens to me as i fight bosses to make them drop swords.

So far one friend came to help and took away my sword but...

i fought him for two weeks and got it

The reason you dont get the pet from the bosses because a lot of people are fighting for it and the reward drops in order like after ten or more battles. also dont fight for it because when you will get to other worlds you will fight boss for more cool and rare pets like sunbird and evil snowman and krok and more. ! ! !

Evan LightSpear
Level : 45 FIRE WIZARD