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Pet benefits from Leveling

May 31, 2009
When i had my pet before the pet pavillion ever came about, I got 5% on pips. This came with the pet because it was a level Grandmaster pet., Now I see that the 5 % is included in talents your pets gets from leveling, how can this be when the pet had it to begin with? When you remove the 5 % pip boost from the talents and look at what is left from leveling your pet, what benefit do you have? On my Myth so far I have only the chance of a myth trap and 25 in agility and 25 in will, Well I cant see agility or will on any meter or scale so how do I know it is really even there?
From leveling my pet the added plus i am to get is not adding up. Remember that any Plain Jane Pet with 5 % pips was the Norm, To add this in as one of its talents is just not right. How can you give me what I already have?
So In reality the pet benefits are things that might show up like a myth trap or maybe Power and agility that is not on any scale or meter to read like pip percent, So is it really there?
Now if my pet had NO 5% pip increase with him and it was added as a talent then i can say the pet benefited me. But when it comes with it, I just dont see how you can include it into its talents. Then the grandmaster pets should have come with zero pips advantage. so when it is added you can say the pet gained a talent.
My Myth still Laggs behind all other wizards, My account full of Grands, and Myth will be deleted when pet is fully Maxxed out. The pet will be used for breeding only, and I make a new Ice to play my Ice pet, something no other wizards can do.
Yes, Why cant my life or storm take my Collosus Ice pet to the pavillion and play it? Sure it is for Ice only, But in Battle, as far as breeding, and leveling any wizard should be able to do this. Can Changes be made where those School only pets can be overlooked just for the pet pavillion and Treats and leveling? After all, any wizard can breed the pet once it is adult, just place it in Backpack, But he cant level it? I can understand not using the pet in the game for fighting, but leveling? Why not.