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other spiral worlds

Mar 08, 2010
hi i am pretty new and i am only level 7 or 8, i am a member because i love this game but i need some help. I dont know how to get to the other worlds of the spiral, i got a mission to go see some crafting person and the quest arrow just leads me to the big father tree in ravenwood. I have been reading comments and i think that i have to beat some quests first but i am not sure, please help me

Once you have completed all your required assignments in Wizard City, Merle Ambrose will ask you to investigate Krokotopia.

Once you have been given that quest, you can access the Spiral door by entering Bartleby the World Tree.

After you’ve completed Krokotopia, you can move on to Marleybone, then MooShu, then Dragonspyre. You can visit Grizzleheim at level 5, but cannot return until level 20.

Jul 30, 2009
To add to what ProfessorGreyrose stated, IF you're just willing to do the crafting quest part, you can have a friend who has access to Krokatopia let you teleport to them when they're there. Then you can go get the crafting quest, gather the regents needed (I can suggest 'safe areas' for farming for lower level characters), turn in the quest, then repeat for the other world crafting quests.

Got a level 6 in DS currently, who's just about finished with her crafting quests...Just have to wait till hubby's laptop is fixed, so he can teleport her to GH for the frostflowers she's short on.

Dec 18, 2008
Jun 11, 2009
Of course you got to do quests like we said but also each lvl gets harder so your friends help a lot too and the other way to get to another world not going to the tree in ravenwood is porting to a home if you have one no dorm thats another way