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Not in Magic book and cant be found

May 31, 2009
I recently placed on my wizard shoes called "shoes of the slipstream" on them there ,looks to be a pair of wings, but nowhere in game can i find definition of what this type shoe does for you or what it is.
I have looked at all the emblems in the magic book and went to shop and looked, nowhere can i get explaination of what this is can anyone help me by explaining?

Just like a mount, these boots increase your travel speed.

The winged foot is an indication of speed.

*hint* the speed % on these boots STACKS with the speed % on mounts...

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
Feb 01, 2010
wait so there is a pair of shoes that do the same thing as a mount! awesome that's so cool where can i find them or can they only be purchased by crowns?

Jan 27, 2009
Zeke is saying that the shoes increase your travel speed (but not necessarily as much as a mount) and if the shoes increase your speed by 20% (just as a random number) and you ride a mount (which increase your speed by 40%) then you will travel 60% faster than a wizard on foot without the shoes.