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New tower

May 31, 2009
Tonight as i was passed over time and time again not allowed to hit the opponents at all, I stood there while they killed me over and over.
How many out there has had that same experience? For me I came to wizards looking for a game to play that allowed me to advance, and tonight i saw this go away. The tower although they tell you it is a cheating tower is no excuse to just bring you there and kill you.
Tonight after a year playing wizards, a game i came to love, I will stop. I can not enter the tower one more time anymore. It is over for me. The fun to me is gone. With a account full of grandmasters I played hard and good to get them. But I didnt play that hard to see them killed over and over passed by with no chance to defend themself. This is not fun at all.
I wanted the game to know I am an adult player, I can carry my weight in the game in any fair fight, But tonight they showed me a side of wizards i didnt like, and now i move on. The new world i will not see because my play ends with this posting. I wish the game had made something for the Grands to continue on their play, but they didnt, they made a world that will cheat and not be fair when you enter a fight. If I wanted this i would not game at all. The words Fair Gaming should be close to their minds, But instead it is how to get it harder and harder for players even if they have to use cheating to do it.
What happen to the game i loved so well? tonight I got to point i hated to play. So my friends, take my advice stay out of the new world, and you will love the game. I did. I will post this to all my friends on Facebook, because i have seen them leave one by one in the year i have been here.

May 20, 2010
May 19, 2009
The warehouse is optional, you dont have to beat it to get into celesta. Also you've been playing for quite some time, you have 6 grandmasters. But you still dont have enough common sence to look for guides on central?

May 20, 2010
If you mean the tower in Marleybone, you get skipped whenever you attack General Stormclaw, while his minions attack.

With that in mind, you probably shouldn't attack General Stormclaw until the minions are gone.

For those of you who haven't left the game, here's a guide on how to do this tower.


May 17, 2009
I did the ware house but after i turned the quest in nothing happend it wont let me go to the new place.

Jun 07, 2010
it is a test, from what I read, everywhere. Celestia IS NOT out yet, you do not have to go in the Tower if you do not want to. 6 Grands? no offence did you rush through quests like crazy to get there? To me it seemed like you where rushing through the Tower, to try to get to celestia as fast as possible. this information was posted on all kinds of forums about this tower. You should of done a little research, about it first. Just saying. and BTW Grats on the Grands.

Jun 14, 2009
crazycrackr7 wrote:
I did the ware house but after i turned the quest in nothing happend it wont let me go to the new place.

The new world has not been released yet. Also, this quest is not required to enter.

I think KI needs to clear this up, not just on the boards. There are people who don't come to the boards and many of them are believing that this tower is still mandatory to enter Celestia.

Maybe a message from Prof. Halstrom (hopefully I spelled his name correctly) stating this is not mandatory. His statement when you log on now are very misleading.

I have told a few people who were desperately trying to finish to the tower to get the key, only to be told that I was wrong. After some persuasion on getting them to read the boards did they believe me.

I wonder how many have done this quest needless.

May 28, 2009
Yeah, I am with the OP. We are not doing this quest and I have now lost all interest in Celestia and this kind of stuff. I have better things to do with my time than repeat die in order to figure something out. If I wanted to do that much work, I'd go play a raiding game.

Mar 12, 2010
Thanks to Colagada for the tips on the tower. However I can't seem to get 3 other people to do it with me and if I use Henchmen they of course attack the big boss before I can eliminate the others.

I did it twice and that wad enough for me. I agree that it completely takes the fun out of the the challenge when it is so unattainable.

I am a grandmaster and maxed out on experience - I am through Life School and was at the last level of Balance but now I cannot use my last training point for Hydra???? frustrating for sure.