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need help finding....

May 03, 2009
hello all, I'm rather new, just started this past weekend, and I need some help finding some things.
1. can anyone tell me where to find the "Golem Court Smith" for the quest "Find the Smiths"
2. also for the quest "A Penny Saved" anyone know where the "Dark Cave" is? I've been pointed to a cave but it's locked with a gate, it's by the "StoppedDrain Tower" or something like that.
Anyway any help in these matters would be appriciated and thanks for the assist.

and please excuse my poor spelling I know I messed up on a few.

No worries on the spelling Blays, you're not being graded here on the message boards.

Golem Court is an area near the Fairegrounds. Inside you'll see Mr Lincoln and a tall tower, among other things. Have a look around, there's a tiny Smith hiding in there somewhere. They seem to like the shade of trees...

As for the Dark Cave, this one can be tricky. We have a few 'cave' areas, and many players confuse Haunted Cave at the end of Triton Avenue, with the Dark Cave, which connects Firecat Alley and Cyclops Lane.

If you're not sure that you're on the right track, you can always use your Quest Helper (keyboard shortcut to turn this feature on/off is T) which will point you in the right direction for most quests. Just go into your Quest Journal and highlight the Quest you're currently working on.

There's also a world map, that gives you a general overlay of the areas around you. Open your Map (keyboard M) and in the bottom left corner you'll see a magnifying glass, click it with your mouse and your map will zoom out to show the whole world. This may help you head in the right direction.

See you in Wizard City!

May 03, 2009
preciate it. I did find the cave once I actually joined and could enter cyclopes lane, and I think I saw the smith I just didn't realize that was him. I was expecting a yellow "?" over his head, but I've seen a couple of those little guys around. So thanks for the help.