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Myth deck

Sep 19, 2011
My myth deck is messed up. I cannot make a good myth deck. I am a level 75 myth wizard without ninja pigs. I am still working on getting ninja pigs from koto in mooshu but still haven't collected it. I have ice spells up to tower shield, death spells up to feint,and balance spells up to weakness. I have spirit blade, colossus, gargantuan, vengence, and the plus 15 percent attack star spell (forgot the name). I would like to know a proper myth deck for myself. Please do not give me a layout without spells i do not have. Thank you.

Sep 07, 2011
Mobs - If they are easy you can just blade and frog

For harder mobs:

3 each:

Frog (quake for ice)

2 each:

Time of Legend

add traps or prisms as needed
Keeo reshuffle TC in side deck

It's nice to have an extra blade or trap from a pet or amulet like the Witch's Star


Add Medusa, feint, & spirit blade. Use shields only if needed, and only TC, usually school specific. Same for healing.

Apr 17, 2011
4 frogs, 4 colossal, 2 amplify, 3 myth blade, 3 spirit blade, and then an attack. For myth enemies 4 mass converts/single converts.

For bosses 2 frogs, 2 ninja pigs, 4 colossal, (If you have) 2 feints, 3 myth traps, 3 spirit blades, 3 myth blades, and (if you have) 3 spirit traps.

Sep 19, 2011
Jun 16, 2011
I think you should change y6our deck based on the enemies you have to fight so you can win the battle easier. You can also buy treasure cards from the Bazar if you want some different spells . I buy shields like storm shields and put them in my treasure card deck so I can just cast a shield spell when I feel the need to. Hope this helped

Elizabeth level 62

Sep 17, 2012
Gemma Luna couldn't have said it better. You could add a couple heal cards if you're feeling weak is all. I never bother on my myth for mobs. As for shields, I can honestly say I have never once used a shield in PvE and really see no point.

Sep 09, 2013
Well you should try a deck based on orthrus he is my favorite card and with gargantuan he is great here is my deck.

8 orthrus
15 myth blade
4 humongofrog
6 taunt
4 draconian polymorph.
I hope you get helped by this deck.