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Myth Adventure Help Needed

Mar 21, 2009
alright im probly being a dunce but i need serious help.. am on Myth Adventure the quest on lvl 8 for myth users where you have to actualy find your first myth minion the troll, however i got.. i believe to the end after you hand cyrus the leaf, then he sends you out into unicorn way and tells you to summon a myth minion "somewhere" i figured you had to walk in front of a unicorn statue.. then figured ok that didnt work so try summoning the golem in front of a unicorn statue but personaly i have no clue where to start so if anybody else has done this quest already and know where to stand or wat to do, plz help realy need it thanks

Jul 19, 2008
your supposed to go into unicorn way your at the beginning of unicorn way run straight and a unicorn will appear and talk to you and then get the cyclops eye from the rank 2 elite troll guardian I beat it by myself it is in cyrus's tower

-Trevor boomflame lvl 15 journeyman conjurer

Mar 16, 2009
Wizard 98 is right, just walk forward when you enter Unicorn Way. You don't actually summon the unicorn, she just happens.