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My spells are missing!

Jun 23, 2011
Today I was working on my lvl 90 wizards getting drops from squid, so I could get new deck with spell. finally got that. I started farming Loremaster for lost spells, don't you know I get the brimstone spell first time on my balance wizard. I go to put this new spell in my deck and low and behold I have lost my deerknight and catalan spells. I have used all my training points and done all my quest. I got these spells from the packs. Maybe I have to many spells I got something like 79 spells, plus those two that I lost. I would greatly trade those to back for some of those dumb morphs I trained for earlier. I hope some one sees this and has an answer for me ( Kinsisle ). How can I get my spells back?

No they are not missing.

True, you received the Brimstone spell on your Balance Wizard, however you received the Catalan spell on your level 73 Myth Wizard, and you have only ever received Deer Knight Treasure Cards.

Lore spells received as rewards from duels or from opening packs are specific to the character that received them, and the learned versions of these spells cannot be traded.