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Mount Olympus Level 30 Gear

Dec 08, 2012
Why does the Level 70 gear from Atlantea and the Level 90 gear from Tartarus give global resistance (resistance to all schools) but the Level 30 gear from Mount Olympus does not give resistance to all schools except the hat? The hat is ok but why does the robe and boots not give resistance to all schools? Why should the hat be the only one to give resistance to all schools? Even 2% resistance is better then 0% so why? I don't quite understand why it's like that for the Level 30 gear from Mount Olympus. Can anyone explain why? Even if the robe and boots only gave 1% or 2% resistance, 1% or 2% is better then not having resistance to all schools. Even the Level 5 gear from the Crown Shop has resistance to all schools.

Nov 27, 2011
Mar 27, 2011
It is that way with most of the gear in the game. Except for Ice school (which is the tank class in W101) and certain crown and pack items, gear with universal resist is higher levels. What the Mt O gear and wand give is exceptional damage for level 30, so enjoy that :)