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Mistake or Not?

Aug 07, 2009
I have a level 12 Balance wizard. I picked Myth as the secondary. But now I regret it, because I read online that the best choices are ice up to tower shield and death up to feint then storm? So I am asking if anyone has tried Balance and Myth together? And if I made a mistake. :/

May 27, 2010
most people don't realize this but unless you get one of the new amulets it's a bad idea to use secondary schools as attack schools, it's a better idea to use secondary schools for support stuff, the most supportive schools right now are Death for Feint and Ice for Tower, and when you get to Celestia, and/or get to Sergeant in PvP train Conviction which is a really helpful spell, now back to Celestia Spells, its a good idea to train in the Sun School in attack boosts, other stuff doesn't really matter, Elemental Blade from Niles if your in one of the Elemental Schools, Spirit Blade if your in one of the Spirit Schools and Reshuffle if you ever run out of cards.
P.S. for secondary attacks schools with the new amulets make sure its one school in either the spirit side if your main school is a spirit school and a elemental side if your main school is a elemental school for the Three Blades from Niles depending on which you need.
Hope this helped

May 20, 2010
Generally speaking, Myth isn't much of a secondary school.

You have three options here:

1) Start over. it doesn't take that long to get back to level 12.

2) Go to Mr. Lincoln and re-train your points. This costs Crowns.

3) Give the three points up as used and go on from there.

Apr 30, 2010
I have a balance/myth wizard and it works well for me. You will need the myth as you get into the higher areas. She's a level 24 and in tomb of storms already.