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Mar 07, 2009
Good,bad...everyone has their opinions about the minions. KI should do research on the minions. Peoples ideas...I have written before. You quest for your minions. Why cant they do just a little better. Down with henchmen. minions should level up with your character. They should be helpers. Some do attacks...and some dont. depends on the type of minion and your character. Put in ideas to KI. Get the ball rolling. I use henchmen sometimes. I would rather use my minions!! We earn them!! I know many other people use henchmen. Wouldnt you all rather use your minions you quested for then spending more crowns? Always crowns...already enough crown items. Isnt that the whole point of minions? Opinion \s welcome for this on going topic

Oct 20, 2011
The fire elemental is something I like to use It is helpful but it has 400 life and not to good of spells so I much rather use henchman but if i'm fresh out of crowns i will use a minion