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Jun 27, 2009
ok i am a fire class wizard and i went to youtube and other places and asked around about minions all say one time when you lvl up you will get a quest from your school teacher to do to get your minion card and one spot i read said i get the quest around lvl 26 or something and i am lvl 36-37 how come i havent gotten the quest yet? and how many different minions can a fire student learn?

Each school has at least one minion, here are the levels that the minions are available through a quest.

Fire - level 28
Ice - level 28
Death - level 28
Storm - level 18
Life - level 18
Balance - levels 18 and 38
Myth - levels 2, 7, 18 and 38

Chances are, you either haven't visited Falmea in a while, or you already have the quest in your journal. The Quest name is "Burning Books"