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Meeting up to pass the Haunted Cave

Dec 01, 2013
Okay, so, I need help getting to the end of Sunken City (gotta get the history of death magic) so, instead of waiting for hours to get enough people to go inside, I decided to make a "meet up" on here. I will make it for tomorrow, I need three other people by then.

Realm : Pixie
Time : 4:30 PM Eastern Time (find out what time zone you are, and what time it will be for you)
Where : In front of the entrance to The Haunted Cave

So who wants to meet up there to complete sunken city?

Sep 19, 2013
Are you questing in Haunted Cave or doing the Sunken City dungeon? The History of Death Magic book is in Stormdrain Tower, Haunted Cave. Don't bother trying to meet up on the forums here, the moderation delay will make it nearly impossible.

May 29, 2014
Sure why not but can I get some treasure cards so I can use in the dungeon? Thanks! -Saffron life LVL 16
TheurgistI Will be goddess of lifehey! A girl can dream right?!Yea thanks -.-

Jul 26, 2011
The History of Death Magic is in the Haunted Cave where Lord Nightshade is, not Sunken City. Anyways you can always use the Team Up feature which is very useful.