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Lvl 70 Helper wizard

Dec 13, 2008
I am a lvl 70 ice wiz and have beat ZF. I would be happy to help out anyone who needs it. I spend a lot of time in WC so look around for me. You can ask around or just post on this topic page with the info of what you need help with, where you want to meet me(realm,world,areaetc.) and when you want to meet me(central time, eastern time etc.) My name is Caleb and I normally wear the liberator of the helephant badge or no badge at all. Plz if you need help with anything dont waste anytime asking i will do it no questions asked.

May 20, 2010
Messages take up to 24 hours to post here. Offering real-time help works better in a forum like Wizard101 Central.

One idea is to go to the "Crowded" realms and patrol the Haunted Cave. Since Triton Avenue must be completed first and is the only street accessible by free players, and since the Field Guards are generally very tough for smaller wizards, this is a place where help is often needed, especially if the battle circle has more than one wizard in it.

Another [possibility is to go to Nightside and see if anybody needs to do Sunken City. It's available as early as level 11, and there are often wizards who want to do it but aren't strong enough to try it on their own.