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Luska Charmbeak in Waterworks/Crab Alley

Jan 02, 2010
No matter how I battle him, I can't seem to find a combination of attacks that lets me defeat him. Can anyone clue me in? How do I set up my (and my friends) set up our decks to beat him? Help!

Sep 17, 2012
I find the easiest way to defeat him is to put a "tank" in the first slot. High resist/health. Have a healer, hammer and support in the other slots. Support can be anyone who can blade the hammer. No one attack him until you have bladed up the hammer enough to kill him. Pet traps work on him, so having someone with a pet feint is helpful. Doing it in one hit leaves only one person "inked", so the others can setup without all the fizzles. Storm is the easiest to do the hit because he can blade supercharge for a massive attack.