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Losing Gold

May 31, 2009
My gold is full and still have items need to sell, most of my wizards have plenty of gold but no place to spend it. I am feeding the items to a pet that can not level any more at all just a waste I tried to buy regents with the gold but the regents are bought up fast as they fall, I tried buying Blades but the blades move just as fast. I finally decided to just play my wizard with gold full and not worry about getting it down. If gold is lost, well game needs to have items that can be purchased and not just placed for sell and sold before you can click on it. I can foresee a time when all my wizards will have full gold and I just play them this way because spending it , well what is there to buy? The clothes are of no use to my wizards, the rings and daggers are of no use to them to purchase. The only items they can really use is Blades and traps or regents if they try to continue crafting and soon this will end. Gardening is also on way out so buying seeds is out. Pet snacks? I have so many its isn't funny. I would have enough gold to fill several accounts of wizards. It would be nice to be able to spend the gold on items they need but the game will not put it there long enough or in enough quantity to be able to buy.
In the end, I play them and lose gold. try hatching? LOL the pets you get are not worth the efforts to level. I been down that road. Just will have to play and lose gold.

Dec 12, 2012
To give you my opinion. I don't use Treasure Cards, but there are people out there that night need Treasure Cards and can't afford them at the Bazaar. But Treasure Cards, and give them to the people out there that need Treasure Cards. Soon you won't have so much unwanted gold. You could also buy the new insturments that are in the crowns shop. They cost gold. This is my opinion. Hope you think it is a good idea. Post a reply to say your opinion about my idea.

Monica 30
Genivive (not sure how to spell) DragonWisper 6 (or 7)

"The Dragon Wisperers"