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Life school... too much heal spells

Jul 21, 2010
im a lvl 42 life wizard and i think alllllll of those healing spells are so superfluous (yeah i said that). i count at least 8 healing spells. life school gets to hard when half of your deck is heal spells

William LifeBringer lvl 42 life wizard

May 20, 2010
You don't have to stock every one of them. If I'm soloing, I carry Satyr and Fairy, and possibly one Dryad.

Apr 14, 2010
suck it up man life was here to help mostly and make other people mad in pvp. you should be happy. btw use your second school

Mar 08, 2009
Well at lvl 58 you get an attack spell that hits all enemies

Jan 01, 2010
Wait until you get to Celestia! I am so glad I started Celestia with my life wizard. With the critical attack element I heal myself and everyone around much more often. And with the new sun school and feint, our Centaur is plenty powerful!

Oct 17, 2010
Still new on the boards, but I'm learning that if you want to win a match use a good healer. We'll watch your back and save your you-know-what. I hate it when someone yells I NEED HEALING! I can see that, and if I have something, it's yours as soon as I can play it. There's no I in team, friends. Sometimes I hang around after I've lost just to see you win. I love to see the little spells take out a really big one.

Jun 09, 2009
Celestia is when you need to stock on the healing spells. :P

Sep 05, 2010
Life is great for healing spells. If your getting bored of life then make a new account, maybe storm, or myth? I think healing is very helpful if your helping some of your friends or maybe even a higher leveled boss, or something of that matter. I'd honestly rather be life than fire! :-o

-Kyle ShadowFlame: Magus Pyromancer

Oct 09, 2010
I'd say stick with life. Your healing is awesome for soloing and groups, so I'd rather not complain if I were you. If your not satisfied, I suggest you get a secondary school. (I'm a Life/Storm combo )

-Megan Frostcaster

Dec 08, 2010
i have my share of life spells but i guess it can be annoying being a life wizard but i am only a myth wizard (level 34) so i don't know what it is really like :)

Jan 24, 2010
LOL, My legendary theurgist is amazing! She can take out an enemy, heal a teammate or three, and then go back to hitting the bad guys. And now, she can hit all of the bad guys at once! Hooray for Forest Lord, aka Lord Byron :D

Suggestions to boost your theurgist's in-game performance:

Pips, pip, pips! I have 102% power pip chance, and rarely run out.
Blades -- Get Spirit blades from Niles in Krok. Grow trumpet vines and harvest balance blades galore.
Traps -- Get Spirit traps from Niles in Krok.
Feint -- Get an amulet or train up to feint in Death.
Hex -- Buy crown boots that give hex.
Teamwork -- Quest with a generous sorcerer who might, if you're lucky give balance blade and bladestorm.
Critical --When you get to level 56 or so you can get a very good critical rating. I have 120 critical, and tend to hit it 1/3 of the time. That includes heals and damage spells.
Heal boosts in robes, rings, athames, and charms.
Enchantments -- Buy Strong, Touch, etc. treasures for Centaur and Seraph.

Theurgy is all about taking a thoughtful approach to your game play. Patience, strategy, and love for helping others combine for a powerful theurgist.

Happy Questing,

Iridian Shadowweaver, Legendary Theurgist

Jun 07, 2010
Well. I am life to and I noticed this. My secondary school is storm so I got some storm cards and mixed them into my deck. Its all about your secondary school when it comes to life. Hope this helps!!!

(I know my name doesnt match my school at all please do not comment)

Miranda Sandstone
"When the flowers blossom, The whole world blossoms with hope"- Miranda Sandstone

Oct 31, 2009
I carried 3 decks with me, one healing with mostly heal spells and a couple attacks, the second attack with mostly offensive spells and a couple heals mostly just the big heals. The third is a PvP deck.

This way based on the role I would perform, solo I need to kill on my own but in a group I can be a healer and deal damage where I can. This allowed me versatility when picking the spells to put in my decks.

Mar 06, 2011
if you have lots of training points try storm or death there pretty good. justin hexcaster lvl 23 adept necromancer

Dec 10, 2010
Its LIFE a lot of LIFE Spells. You picked it, You get it

Dustin SummerBlade Level 13

Jul 19, 2010
That's the reason why they gave you centaur early. Use it wisely.

Dec 21, 2010
starwarsguy765 wrote:
im a lvl 42 life wizard and i think alllllll of those healing spells are so superfluous (yeah i said that). i count at least 8 healing spells. life school gets to hard when half of your deck is heal spells

William LifeBringer lvl 42 life wizard

Ok there are some easy ways to solve your problems.

1.Don't equip as much healing spells and put your secondary school spells in your deck instead of your regular spells
2.Appreciate yourself because I'm a pyromancer and I LOVE life people because it's impossible to be defeated in battle.