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Level up quickly in Wizard City

Aug 20, 2016
Hello everyone, this is my first post so I apologise if it's in the wrong place.

I've been playing W101 on and off since 2009 but now aged 20 I've never taken it so seriously. I love it.

I'm currently 1/4 of the way through Level 18. I'm trying to get to Level 20 to get into Grizzleheim.

I have unlocked every district in Wizard City except for the Sunken City.

Obviously The Commons, Ravenwood, Olde Town, Shopping District, Pet Pavilion and Nightside are monster free so across all the following districts can anyone tell me the best boss (or monster) to duel with to gain quick XP? Thank you.

Golem Court
Unicorn Way
Cyclops Lane
Triton Avenue
Firecat Alley
Colossus Boulevard
Dark Cave
Haunted Cave

Aug 11, 2016
well you have to be a member or be rich on da game

Aug 11, 2016
Jan 05, 2013
Hi! The best way to level is definitely to just stick to main quests.
Natalie Owlcaller, level 90
Savannah Dunestrider, level 30

Oct 26, 2012
Hi! The best way to level up is to, sorry to say, become a member. I think its only 7$ a month, and you can cancel it anytime. But, besides that, do side quests in Wizard City, and get as far as you possibly can without buying a membership in main quests. Once you do that, I would suggests fighting Lost Souls in Unicorn Way. But, drag the battle out for as long as possible. These battles give the most xp, especially if you drag them out.

- Scarlet Rose, level 110
- Alia, level 51

May 09, 2011
He never really specified if he was a member or not. But Golem Tower seems to be the best way, especially if you do the quests. Side quests are the way to go if you want to hit level 20.

Sep 17, 2012
At your level the quickest way to level up would be to find a high level friend with Winterbane and Grand Tourney gauntlets. You get XP two times for each and at your level it's around 2000XP each run which is about half a level. Continuing your questing to Krok would level you up a lot faster than anything in WC. As for battle XP, it's the same for every creature in every battle in the game at every level. Every 0 pip spell you cast/fizzle is 3XP every other spell is 3XP per pip used. The more you cast, the more you get. It doesn't make a difference how powerful or weak the creature is. Quests are the only way to get more XP really.