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Level 60: Teamwork is What It's all About!

Mar 19, 2011
Of course team work is what adds joy to the game at any level.

But, as a Balance level 60 Noob I really have to give all Props to KI.: The Level 60 dungeons and towers really, REALLY bring the value of smart Teamwork and Good Sportsmanship to the Front.

I thought I was going to have to quit from boredom when I got my first legendary wizard.

Nope, KingsIsle keeps throwing me more interesting and stimulating and learningful challenges. With great animation. For cheap.

I'm gonna hang around and see what the Wizards at KI pull out of their hats next.

Mar 18, 2009
Agreed. The challenge continues to mount the less wizards you bring with you into those dungeons.