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Level 45 amulets

Jul 01, 2009
I was so happy just a little bit ago that I was almost a level 45! :D
Then i would get all of the new dragonspyre clothes some awsome dragon equipment. So i went to bizzar in wizard city i clicked on the amulets and then i saw the level 45 ones. They were awsome
Then on one of the last ones i saw said its school only. Then i looked over everyone again and all of them said their school only example:

Wraith: Level 45+ death school only
Helaphant: Level 45+ fire school only

I was so mad. here was how my face started: :D to to
to to to to to :x to finally

Please Wizard101 let everyone enjoy amazing amulets

I also had a good idea, Wizard101 should make the schools 7 pip attack amulets!

But do not forget.

Not for their school only!

So reply if you agree that you should get the level 45 amulets!

Or if you like the idea of 7 pip spell amulets!

Or even BOTH!

Jul 08, 2009
i agree with you their should not be school only spells also i dont get why fire, death, ice and storm get their lvl 45 move for themself while life balance and myth dont get thier lvl 45 move

Jun 16, 2009
1tritonz3 I agree with everything except the Rank 7 amulets. Having Rank 7 amulets would take out all the special spells, especially if anyone from any school could get them.