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Kingsisle Rocks!

May 02, 2009
This Message goes out to Kingsisle. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know what I would do without Wizard101. It must have taken years to make it and you guys are still working on it! I really want there to be more worlds that gives a LOT of experience. I do have one question though. Can you make the level Max be higher than fifty? Thank You!


Jun 23, 2009
i agree, kings isle is like the best companies out there!

i used to play runescape and Jagex, the company that made it, they suck! they never listened to player feedback and they just cared about money. so then i kicked runescape out of my life and now i came here.

kings isle listens to players and always cares when there are problems.
remember when they made bosses interupt? players hated that so kings isle listened and got rid of it. Jagex would have never done that.

so yea kings isle rocks, and i'll GLADLY give them my money. they definatley earned it after all the times they helped me :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

so i made a good choice in choosing a new game 8)

Jun 16, 2009
Otys, I used to play runescape, I really didn't like it, I didn't find the graphics well or the game, I basically had no idea what I was doing, it's basically "poof" your in the game, I like how Wizard101 introduces you and doesn't pop your right into the game with your fist quest to talk to Private Stillson. It introduces you and gets you used to Gamma and Merle, and everything is step by step nice and slow the way beginning a game should be.

My dad watched me play and he agreed the graphics for Wizard101 ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!! I love how Kingsisle makes makes the spells so unique! Like Minotaur and Centaur, and Helephant, Collusses, Hydra. So unique, it's like KI really puts thought into their spells and not regular fireballs and ice blast and whatever.

Of course I might have had some problems with KI or I didn't like something but otherwise I think it's a great game.

I got 3 of my friends to play Wizard101 because I told them how awesome it was. All of them love it and I do too.

KI rocks!

Natalie Moonblade and 3 of her friends!

Jun 23, 2009
yep, you made very good points.

in runescape its just a bunch of nine year olds spamming the word noob everywhere.

wizard101 has a friendly and helpful community.
i needed help with a mooshu boss, and 4 people offered to help for free.

in runescape its just yougo up to a level 100 and ask for help.

you say:i need help with a quest, can you please help me?
the level 100: n00b n00b n00by n00bescakez

so yea, and the wizard101 message boards are indeed very helpful. i'm not sure if a lot of people are seeing this, but this game is infact growing. and its growing very fast. not so long ago we hit 1 million wizards and like 2 months ago we hit 2 million!

i'm positive we'll hit 3 million within the next month.

cheers to kings isle, and a great game! :)

Jun 16, 2009
In runescape the players beg for money, call each other nOOb and when people die they loose practically everything they have.

i got a lot of good things to say about KI.