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it's confusing :(

Aug 17, 2009
we know when we reach new level that gives us new spell or quest the teacher of the class will appear on the right side of the screen and when we click on it, it will say there is new spell come to learn or we need your help.

It happened with me three times the headmaster appear and said there is a problem in my office and I need your help come to me as quickly as you can.

When I go there is no quest or anything there.

So what is happening??? Please let me know

Thank you

Yes, young Wizard, this is a Known Issue.

Please see our Known Issues Page
Sometimes Merle likes to check in with his students, however we've noticed lately that he's been calling on our young Wizards every time they gain a new level. Don't worry, he may not always have a quest for you, however it's a good reminder to visit him, as well as your Professors, on a regular basis.