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Is this a bug?

Feb 09, 2011
I go talk to Merle Ambrose in his house, and then he says "We still haven't heard from some of our people out there. Hmm.. I hope to hear from them soon!"

But these are the quests I have
  • Orange Ye Scared? (Talk to Jack Hallow in the Commons)
  • The Looking Glass (Talk to Marla Stinger in Nightside)
  • Krok Watcher (Talk to Wul'yahm in The Oasis)
  • Spade Aid (Defeat Rotting Fodder and Collect 3 Spades in Dark Cave)
  • I'm with the Band (Talk to Hagen Shieldbreaker in Savarstaad Pass)
  • Library Dues (Collect History of Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Life Magic)
  • Stone Cold (Talk to Zan'ne in the Library in Krokotopia)
  • Unicorn Delight (Use 10 Jack O' Lanterns in Unicorn Way)
  • Putting Out Fires (Talk to Private Quinn in Firecat Alley)
  • Trouble Underfoot (Talk to Herman in Crab Alley)
  • Find The Smiths (Go to The Commons smith, Ravenwood smith, Cyclops Lane smith, Firecat Alley smith, Colussus Boulevard smith)
  • Baron Of Nightmares (Defeat Baron Mordecai and collect Amulet of Night)
And it's 3 pages, I think its a bug, Merle Ambrose still says that. So, if it's a bug, should it go to Halston's Laboratory?

This is not a bug, you haven't completed your tasks on the three streets off Olde Town.
"Putting Out Fires" (Talk to Private Quinn in Firecat Alley) is your required mainline quest. You will need to complete this and several quests on Firecat Alley before you will be able to progress.

Feb 09, 2011