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Is Darkmoor Worth It?

Nov 20, 2011
I have finished the first two parts of the dungeons. However, I haven't been able to finish Graveyard. I've only tried twice a couple of weeks ago, but I stopped to work on other things in case I was never able to get Darkmoor gear. The first time I went in, I got a decent team. Still, the Storm that we had got upset when we couldn't get first place in Shane Von Shane and stopped doing it. The rest of the team didn't want to chance it further.
The second time I went in, I got a bunch of people that had no idea what they were doing. The only person that did, other than me, got upset and left. It was understandable.

So, is the gear even worth it? I've done some calculations on damage and resistance for my Wizard. Turns out, I would get a major boost in resistance and a minor (and by minor, I mean +1%) change in damage. Should I tempt my fates more, or should I just deal with the Waterworks gear that I have had since level 60, and the gear that has helped me finish all the worlds that I have.

What is your opinion?

Jun 27, 2014
Darkmoor requires allot of commitment and a good team, with those then you can get the sought after gear. if however you are struggling finding a team or dont have the time to commit to runs in Graveyard then the Ultra dungeons do offer comparable gear - Rattlebones for robe, Krokotopatra for hat and unsure for boots both of these dungeons drop from their lower level versions ie Rattelbones in Wizard City, Krokotopatra in Krokotopia so easy enough to obtain without spending crowns. As of the last month or two it seems to be easier to find a team for these as well. I would look at darkmoor gear and the Ultra dungeons versions and decide which you feel is better for you, and consider how much time you have to farm the gear and go from there. What ever you decide to do with the new world coming soon i feel you will need these whether its full darkmoor, full Ultra dungeon or some mix before tackling the new world.