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Iron Golem Help Please! Golem Tower Quest

Jun 27, 2010
I need help doing the Golem Tower quest where I need to kill the Iron Golem.Anyone can help me please?

Im level 9 and I am a student of fire.

Mar 12, 2010
xioxaio wrote:
I need help doing the Golem Tower quest where I need to kill the Iron Golem.Anyone can help me please?

Im level 9 and I am a student of fire.

Iron Golem Tower is one of the quests that you must do alone. No one can help you.

I had to leave the Tower until I was a higher level and had better cards and more health. I went and did some other quests and came back to the Tower when I was stronger.

May 20, 2010
Asking for somebody to come and help here is generally pointless, mainly because the post might not show up until the next day.

The key to the tower is to heal at the end of each floor with your Pixie or Fairy spell. Defeat one of the two enemies, then get the other one down to the point where your next spell will destroy it. Then use your Pixie/Fairy to heal, then destroy the other enemy. You'll advance to the next floor in a better position to deal with what's there.

If you're facing the Golem, there will be five floors in the tower, the Golem and friend being on the fifth floor. After the fourth floor, you might want to use your potion bottle to fill your health and mana.

If you still can't do the tower, you might head on to Cyclops, Firecat, and Triton and gain more levels. You can come back and do the tower later when you're bigger and stronger.

May 29, 2009
I am sorry but the Golem Tower is a solo instance that each wizard must do alone. The good thing is that it is not needed for advancement so you don't have to do it right now. You can wait until you level up some or learn some higher spells and get more health. Then come back and try to complete it. This is one of many places you will have to fight on your own in your travels through the spiral.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
xioxaio wrote:
I need help doing the Golem Tower quest where I need to kill the Iron Golem.Anyone can help me please?

Im level 9 and I am a student of fire.

Just wait till you are higher level as others can't join you in there.

But for fire I would suggest 3 fire elves, 3 heals and wand spells. Wand on 1st round (right). hit the left with the elf on the second round (this should eventually kill it), hit the right with wand, heal, hit the right with wand, heal, hit the right with wand....both dead.

Notice the wand use with the heals... those are 100% and will not fail. If the elf fails, toss it the next round, then do a heal.

They should be doing about 100 damage per round, so 200 after round one, 400 after round two, 600 after round three, 800 through round 4 (when you cast the heal), round five, one dies from the elf, so now you are taking 100 per round, so by the time you wand the second to death, you are still alive.

This assumes you have clothing that boosts you to 800+ health, but if not, slightly modify.

Jun 09, 2009
This is not a main quest, come back later after you get a another card or so to do it. Also, only one person can do it at a time.

Aug 23, 2009
Golem Tower is a solo quest-no help allowed, if it is really that difficult for you, you may need to level up a bit or get some powerful treasure cards before returning to finish.

May 02, 2009
Sorry to say, but Golem Tower is a gauntlet, meaning your friends can't help you.

I can at least provide you with tips on how to get through it.

1. I highly reccomend getting the wand of the novice, as it provides you with item cards of all the schools 1-pip spell (i.e. scarab, firecat, dark sprite, etc.) 0-pip spells COULD work, but this early on imo, their not very reliable.

2. If you have allot of items in your pack, then I reccomend putting on items that have good resists to them/items that resist the creatures class.

3. Use your potion ONLY when you need to. This early on, you only have 1 potion, so i reccomened using it only when your low on health and/or mana.

4. for heals, again, use them only when you need to. you have 3 of them at this point, so using them at the right time can be a life-saver.

Hope I helped.

Seth ShadowCloud
Grand fire/storm
former pvp veteran
a good friend

Seth EmeraldFlame
Initiate Myth (lv.14)
former pvp knight
a good friend

Seth GhostHaven
Initiate Death (lv.10)
a good friend

Jun 14, 2009
Wait until you get the quest to go to Krok. You will get your second potion bottle. After you get it, than do Golem Court.

Sep 10, 2009
I would wait until your a little bit more powerful to take out those guys. It's really hard to fight those guys at a low level......
That's what I did :)

Emily UnicornHorn
Balance Wizard
Level 33

Jul 15, 2009
Dec 15, 2008
Guess what? Not to brag, but I finished it on my second try. What you do is:
Life wizards-your highest spell right now is probably Leprechaun. It defeats his minion if you do it twice.

Myth wizards- your highest spell is Troll. It will probably take that twice AND a myth flash thingy to kill the minion.

Death wizards- your highest spell is Ghoul, and that takes care of the minion twice.

Fire wizards- highest spell is probably fire elf or maybe sunbird (I'm ice, I don't know) and fire elf can kill the minion if you do it twice.

Ice wizards(me!)- your highest spell is snow serpent, so use it twice or even three times to defeat his minion.

Finally, Storm wizards- your highest spell is lightning bats. That and a thunder snake will kill his minion.
-Alexis Frostcrafter Level 23 Thaumaturge

Nov 29, 2009
I can help you. You can just get robe a that give you alot of helath. And hats
and shoes. I hope this helps. :D