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I Thought buying the game ment new areas!

Feb 14, 2011
Today I was looking at the triton avenue gate and it was closed and so were many other gates, So i asked my dad to buy the game for me... HE bought it with the bassically 10.00 fee for a month. But when i went back on to the game triton avenue and all the other gates were still closed! I'm Very dissapointed and wasted ALOT of money- He bought it untill March 2013 and I'm getting very mad. What's the point to buying the game?!

Wizard101 is a story-based game. You need to progress through the story for areas to be opened up to you.
You must still EARN your way to access these areas by completing the assignments you are given. Once you have completed all your required tasks in Unicorn Way, you will be invited to explore more of Wizard City.

May 20, 2010
You're not powerful enough to go to those streets yet.

Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, and Cyclops Lane will remain closed until you finish the tasks in Unicorn Way and get Professor Ambrose's permission to go to them. Then he'll send you to Sergeant Muldoon, who will open all three gates for you. Don't forget Golem Court, as well.

When you finish the storyline tasks on those three streets (it's a good idea to do all of the tasks, storyline and side tasks), Professor Ambrose will open up Colossus Boulevard and give you a few more tasks to do. Then you'll get permission to explore the World of Krokotopia. Finishing Krokotopia gets you to Marleybone, that gets you to Mooshu, which gets you to Dragonspyre, which gets you to Celestia. As you finish each area, you'll be given a tougher one.