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I bought a Threat card how deos it work ?

Mar 31, 2009
I unlocked the Nightshade quest and used my train point to gain the first ice spell and it is zero pip to cast and says adds a threat to target I casted it on the monster and I didnt see what its effect was or is could some one let me know a bit more about it ?

Jan 08, 2009
Threath is a spell used that the enemy the cast had been casted on attacks you. The other cards make the enemy not attack you. Happy to help (:

Angel Unicornbreath, level 42 Master Theurgist

Oct 19, 2008
For all i know i really don't use it because i think it doesn't do anything.

Feb 19, 2009
The cards with the evil-looking star on them, e.g. taunt, make the monster you have cast it on focus its attacks on you. This buys time for your team-mates to heal and cast attacks at the monsters. Unfortunatly, it sometimes does not work if one of your teammates has launched an especially powerful attack.

(If you are an ice wizard, this is good, due to the high health. You can cast it and act as a shield for your teammates. If you have a life wizard friend, they can heal you, and the other wizards can attack the monsters without taking the damage.)

The cards with the dove on them(e.g pacify), however, do the opposite, encouraging the monster to attack your teammates instead, so you can cast shields and heals on yourself. Don't cast this unless you really need it, as it isn't very fair on your teammates.