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How to finish sunken city?

Nov 11, 2010
I cant get passed sunken city

more for the fact it wont let you save your progress
IF it would that would be AWESOME

Apr 30, 2010
It would be easier if you took people with you. Stay away from the street fights and make sure your potions are filled. Wait until you are more experienced. You don't need Sunken City to go to Kroktopia. In fact, out of the six wizards I have, only two of them (my life and death wizards ) made it out of there. My myth wizard didn't do it and she's in Marleybone.

Nov 11, 2010
Thnx for the advice but i finished it today after two weeks! of pain but i did it with some help from high lvl wizards

and how did you get your wizards to krokotopia? wit out finishing it?

cause it is a quest!?!?!?!

Apr 30, 2010
Once you hit Nightside, it unlocks the key to KT. I also did part of the Marla's quest and didn't do the other to go into Sunken City. I will probably go back and do it when she gets a higher level or needs to do it.

Jan 01, 2010
Just a note for Life wizards, you need to complete Sunken City for one of your level x8 spells (don't remember which one). But definitely wait until you need to do it. Much easier later on!

Jan 23, 2011
Well, me personally i was never much of a "team player" so when i realized thats W101 gave us 75 crowns i think it was to start off i thought to myself hm, how can i use these. I later realized you can buy "Henchman" to help you in battle. So they work good for acouple of the battles just make sure for the last battle you have atleast 1 friend and one henchman to help you. its auto win.

Jul 19, 2010
Its called dryad and sunken city is only part of the quest. Unfortuanally, you got to defeat the plague oni too. That kinda mad me mad because I just finished the plague oni and I did not want to do it again.

Oct 17, 2010
I heard you finished it-- congrats!

However, I'll give some various ideas to anyone else who may be wanting to get through Sunken City.

This one is a bit tough, since people like me aren't that easy to find. Basically, find a show-off, high-level jerk (like me, LOL), and ask them to do it for you. At the end of the dungeon, come claim the credit. If they are my level and fairly swift at defeating enemies, they should finish it in 30 minutes for you.
[NOTE, this may not work any more. You may actually have to wait in the dungeon while the higher level finishes it.]

If you're the kind that likes to solo, I don't even think Sunken City is necessary. However, it is pretty fun for lower levels, so wait until you increase health and skills and come back to Sunken City. This way you can defeat everyone in shorter amount of time, and easier.
[NOTE, you may want to bring a potion or two so you don't have to fill your health in the dangerous streets. Second off, you need to be wise with your potions and not use them after every fight, only when your health is low and you NEED them.]

Invite friends, whether they're high or low level. However, if they are lower level, you'll have to help them out. Be careful on the bosses, and especially cautious in the streets. Don't worry too much about how much damage your spells get, just hurry and wipe them out! Don't take a million years for overkill.
[NOTE, you may want to buy treasure cards if you have the money to. Be sure to use your training points wisely to get spells from other schools that will aid not only in Sunken City but other areas as well.]

Last but not least, buy Henchmen and boost max health potions from the Crown Shop. Buy better clothing from the Bazaar that gives good stats, then get ready to solo the dungeon (well... besides a few Henchmen to help). Remember, you'll need crowns for this version, though. You may even want an amulet from the Bazaar that will give a helpful spell in time of need.
[NOTE, since you have to pay real money for this version, don't you think it would be better to use other strategies instead..?]

Happy farming and dungeon fighting,

Kestrel MoonShard~~
Level 51 Thaumaturge.